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主なDICOMタグ[編集 | ソースを編集]

タグ VR VM 名称 概要
(003A,0004) CS 1 Waveform Originality
(003A,0005) US 1 Number of Waveform Channels
(003A,0010) UL 1 Number of Waveform Samples
(003A,001A) DS 1 Sampling Frequency
(003A,0020) SH 1 Multiplex Group Label
(003A,0200) SQ 1 Channel Definition Sequence
(003A,0202) IS 1 Waveform Channel Number
(003A,0203) SH 1 Channel Label
(003A,0205) CS 1-n Channel Status
(003A,0208) SQ 1 Channel Source Sequence
(003A,0209) SQ 1 Channel Source Modifiers Sequence
(003A,020A) SQ 1 Source Waveform Sequence
(003A,020C) LO 1 Channel Derivation Description
(003A,0210) DS 1 Channel Sensitivity
(003A,0211) SQ 1 Channel Sensitivity Units Sequence
(003A,0212) DS 1 Channel Sensitivity Correction Factor
(003A,0213) DS 1 Channel Baseline
(003A,0214) DS 1 Channel Time Skew
(003A,0215) DS 1 Channel Sample Skew
(003A,0218) DS 1 Channel Offset
(003A,021A) US 1 Waveform Bits Stored
(003A,0220) DS 1 Filter Low Frequency
(003A,0221) DS 1 Filter High Frequency
(003A,0222) DS 1 Notch Filter Frequency
(003A,0223) DS 1 Notch Filter Bandwidth
(003A,0230) FL 1 Waveform Data Display Scale
(003A,0231) US 3 Waveform Display Background CIELab Value
(003A,0240) SQ 1 Waveform Presentation Group Sequence
(003A,0241) US 1 Presentation Group Number
(003A,0242) SQ 1 Channel Display Sequence
(003A,0244) US 3 Channel Recommended Display CIELab Value
(003A,0245) FL 1 Channel Position
(003A,0246) CS 1 Display Shading Flag
(003A,0247) FL 1 Fractional Channel Display Scale
(003A,0248) FL 1 Absolute Channel Display Scale
(003A,0300) SQ 1 Multiplexed Audio Channels Description Code Sequence
(003A,0301) IS 1 Channel Identification Code
(003A,0302) CS 1 Channel Mode

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